Welcome to Right Hand Concepts--virtual support for your success! Our aim is to help you accomplish your business needs and save money. So get comfortable and read on to find out exactly what a virtual assistant is and how we can help your business flourish! But first...

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What exactly is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants (also known as VAs) are independent contractors who work from their own offices and, using their own equipment, provide specialized support for various projects and assignments via email, phone or fax. Projects can run the gamut from administrative tasks to desktop and web design.

Why hire a VA?

Savvy business owners are always looking for new ways to keep costs down and productivity levels high. Perhaps you run a small business with no regular staff. Maybe you have occasional projects that are needed on a monthly or quarterly basis. Perhaps you have projects that your regular staffers don't have time for. Or maybe you'd like to hire another employee, but bringing on an in-office staff member isn't practical. This is where a virtual assistant can step in and help your business run smoothly!

Hiring a VA is a win-win situation on the financial side, as well. You get the benefits of a professional, skilled, personal assistant without the expenses of a regular employee, or the agency fees that come with hiring a temp. Other benefits to consider include:

  • Short-term, seasonal/peak-term help (without having to shell out for benefits and payroll
  • We work and get paid only when you need us
  • No recruiting, hiring or training
  • No additional office space & furniture
  • Special, one-time projects

Remember—our business and reputation depend upon helping your business do well! We pride ourselves on providing professional results in a timely manner with reasonable prices, while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality, business & personal ethics.

For more information on Right Hand Concepts' services and how a VA can help you, check out suggestions on what Right Hand Concepts can do for you depending on your business type--or contact us for a free consultation. In the meantime...

Stay sane,

Right Hand Concepts founder & virtual assistant


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