About Right Hand Concepts founder and virtual assistant Vonetta Booker-Brown:

I founded my virtual assistance practice, Right Hand Concepts, in August 2003 as a way to utilize my experience as an administrative assistant, writer, editor and Web designer. Through my connections with many small business owners looking to save time & money, I saw there was a real need in providing remote assistance (via email, phone & fax)--giving them the support they needed, when they needed it--without the overhead of a full-time assistant that many of them didn't have the space or resources for.

Throughout my career, I've worked with companies such as CB Commercial, UBS Warburg, Pitney Bowes, Southern Connecticut State University, Weekly Reader Corporation, Essence Communications, Daymon Worldwide, University of Hartford and many other businesses & entrepreneurs nationwide. I'm also a journalist and copywriter who's contributed to various print & online publications, along with marketing copy (press releases, bios, brochures and more) for many businesses & corporations.

The Right Hand Concepts Philosophy

I'm all for the sprit of entrepreneurship, and I love witnessing people pursuing their passions through their businesses. That's where the Right Hand Concepts slogan, "Support for Your Success," comes from. As a virtual assistant, I'm dedicated to partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs as a "right hand" to their success, if you will--whether it's copywriting, general admin support, marketing, web design & maintenance, word processing, or newsletter/e-zine management.

I also work with a wonderful team of associate virtual assistants skilled in a number of different niches--so whatever it is you're looking for help with, we can deliver--let's talk!

For more information about Right Hand Concepts, please check out our Can-Do page for suggestions on services specifically tailored to your business type.

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